Everyone has a starting point

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How do I start? The truth is, in order to start you have to stop. Stop looking for quick fixes. Stop asking people who only post selfies on social media. Stop making things so complicated. Stop thinking that worked in the … Continued

Getting back on track

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I lost something. I got off track. I have been showing up, but just checking in. In many aspects of my life. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that sometimes we go off track because we are … Continued

Cubicle Etiquette

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Today I want to talk about something very serious… Cubicle Etiquette. I realize I might be sharing things that will make me look crazy. Or, deep down inside, you agree! This is in no particular order because most of this … Continued

You fell for it

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We have all been there. You read something that has been created by a marketing person, or someone who is promoting a brand or product, or frankly someone you know nothing about. And you believe what they have to offer … Continued

A tribe called learners

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Anytime I hear someone use the word “tribe” I think of the band called A Tribe Called Quest. And that is not a bad thing. I mean, it was a unique group that wanted to share a new sound within … Continued

The “M” word

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People tend to look at an almost 40 something year old in amazement when you are not married. And don’t get me started on if you don’t have any ankle biters either. I get a ton of questions, and I … Continued

4 stages of food grief

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I was talking to a friend and we noted how people seem mad or irritated at you when you provide them a meal plan. Mind you, they are paying for it. And its not my meal plan, its your meal … Continued

Sleep is F’ing with me

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When something is amiss, I am a researcher. I read up on things, including the most recent studies. Maybe I read all these things in part because I can’t sleep! And we all have heard things like; “Drink less caffeine” … Continued

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